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  • 奥斯汀K普赖尔

    Especially like working with people in arts and entertainment, home-based businesses, 咨询顾问, 音乐家, 艺术家, 手工艺人, e-Commerce and Internet situations, 网站...
  • 豪尔赫一. Camargo

  • 波比俱乐部

    As a business 操作 and IT executive for technology and transportation companies, I focused on developing and executing strategic transformational change, leading complex...
  • 大卫Duryee

    Financial management, analysis, and forecasting. General management consulting and business planning. Srategic规划.
  • 丹Steinborn

    I can be helpful to entrepreneurs with any phase of concept or business development, 销售策略, 操作, 招聘, digital and conventional marketing, 筹款,...
  • Patricia Cassidy Abbamonte

    Consulting on business state and federal taxation for existing busineses and start-ups Financial planning and projections Cash Flow management
  • 约瑟夫·韦尔奇

    Joe can help with Marketing and 业务 Operations issues including; product/service positioning, competitive analysis, defining target markets, business plans and operational...
  • Charlyn多尔蒂

    As a 操作 executive for manufacturing companies, I focused on strategic planning and tactical initiatives, on achieving operational excellence and developing high-...
  • 罗伯特·L销

    I spent 35 years in finance and accounting with a Fortune 300 petrochemical company with some 30 plants in 25 countries which were small companies. I was a plant and division CFO...
  • 约翰·E Cuddeback

    Varied professional experience. The most pertinent to potential 沙巴体育app平台 clients is 16 years listening to entrepreneurs in various stages of business development. 业务...
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